Here are the questions that we get the most about our services, if you have any other questions please get in contact with us.

We are unsure whether we want a tiled or glass splashback. When do we have to make that decision?

It’s hard to imagine how your kitchen might look as it nears completion.  A tiled or glass splashback cannot be templated until after your kitchen including the benchtops, has been installed.  We often suggest therefore that you make up you mind which type of splashback you are wanting at that stage.  It’s also easier at this point to select a colour, as your new kitchen is now “real”, and you can paint the wall or a piece of cardboard to simulate the effect.

Our friends bought a flat pack kitchen. Why do we need your services?

At McIndoe Kitchens we design and manufacture your kitchen here on our site.  Your kitchen will be a one-off bespoke version, with features that are unique to you. The cabinets are individually made specifically for you and the space available, and are not modular units.  With the  use of our modern CNC production machine, a well designed kitchen need not cost more.

What does a new kitchen cost?

This is the ultimate question surely!  Kitchen prices vary hugely.  There are numerous factors: the size of the kitchen, your choice of materials, and how many “pullout” features you wish to have.  We are able to give you an indicative price early in the design process.

I want something a bit different. Can you do that?

We certainly can.  Two examples are in our showroom: one is a traditional kitchen that has been stained to make it “pre-aged”. The second is a French Provincial unit.  We hand painted this to achieve the desired affect wanted.  We recently installed a “Moroccan” inspired kitchen for a client who had very specific requirements.

We don’t know the sequence for a new kitchen’s installation or which trades people to use. Will you help us?

Yes.  We are happy to explain the installation process and the order that trades people should be involved.  You may have a preferred plumber or electrician or we can recommend some to you.  We are very happy to coordinate these trades for you.  We can supply them with detailed plans and go over technical details with them to ensure your installation goes smoothly.

When do you think you could have my new kitchen installed?

We will always endeavor to fit in around your family and your needs when it comes to timing for your installation. It also depends on our production schedule and your choice of doors & benchtops.  We will discuss this with you at the time of the sale of your kitchen, but our starting point is: “When would you like it?”

I think I know what I want, but I don’t know how to put it all together. Can you help?

Indeed we can.  By working alongside you and establishing what is important to you and your family, together we can make decisions about the design and the placement of cabinets & items within the kitchen.  An example may be the location of bin drawers in relation to the sink.

Shall I choose an engineered stone because it’s cheaper than granite?

Not necessarily.  Both engineered stone and granite come in a range of prices.  These prices overlap considerably, so generally clients make a choice based on their colour preference.

We deliver your new kitchen to your home in our special delivery vehicle