All our kitchens are crafted onsite in our workshop to the highest standards using a combination of
precision technology and traditional cabinet making methods.
We are long time members of New Zealand Master Joiners and the New Zealand Kitchen and Bathroom Association.


The purpose of this meeting is for the designer to understand your project. Its and in-depth conversation that delves into your likes, dislikes, needs and desires, and opens the discussion to ideas and possibilities for your new joinery.

This initial meeting takes approximately one hour.
It is really helpful if you bring along images of the kitchen and styles that you love, and an idea of appliances you are wanting to incorporate. This first step is critical for a successful kitchen design, because it sets a solid foundation for a great design and build.

Design Concepts

Which design speaks to you the most?

After your initial meeting with your designer, you'll be presented with one to two concepts for your kitchen project. The design will incorporate your must-have wants and will include realistic 3D images to help you visualise the space.
This is an exciting step in the design process because this is when your vision starts to come to life.

What was once and idea or dream, is now a possibility!


Design Refinements

What can we tweak or improve?

Once you have chosen your kitchen concept, you will meet with your designer again to review the design and discuss any potential changes that you wish to make.
This is the perfect chance to refine any details that require additional tweak and to ensure you are happy with all the aspects of the design.

Product Selection

What products do you want in your kitchen?

This is the fun and final part of the design stage - you get to choose materials for your new kitchen!
This is your chance to touch, see and experience a range of products, cabinetry - countertops, handles and other fixtures.
Your home is the ultimate reflection of who you are. Don't be afraid to set your own trend!

The design decisions you make and materials you choose will determine your lifestyle. Your possible palette is almost unlimited, whether you want a traditional feel or are looking at an organic touch, to a sleep modern design.


Once your design and product selection has been finalised, the process shifts towards the quoting, pre-build and manufacturing phases - all equally exciting milestones within the process.

This is where your kitchen design comes to fruition, when your diligent work and time spent carefully planning out your new space comes to life.

Approval & Final Measure

Once you have confirmed your final design and accepted the quotation, we will arrange a time for you to come to our showroom to run through and sign off on your kitchen design.
We will also arrange when it suits the timeframe of your build, to conduct a final site measure to ensure all measurements are correct. This is usually done once the gib is on.

This site measure is taken to ensure the design will fit correctly within the space.
The design may be tweaked at this stage, then plans are prepared for production.


The Production Team can begin to manufacture your project.
This means cutting and assembling the cabinetry in the workshop and ensuring built-in appliances fit snuggly. This is then quality checked to ensure that everything has been assembled perfectly, and that there are no faults with the materials.


Perfection is all about the details. It is vital for the installation of our kitchens to be spot on.
We are very lucky to have two incredibly talented installer's working alongside us that pride themselves on their workmanship.
They go above and beyond to make sure your kitchen is finished to perfection.

Maintenance and Care

Once the kitchen is complete your designer will arrange a time to see you and the completed project to ensure you are 100% happy. We would like to arrange our photographer “if ok” to also take a few images of what we have jointly created and are proud of.

We will be armed with a care pack for your cabinetry and benchtops and something to say thanks for choosing McIndoe Kitchens!